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Chinasqueakers: We started to process the squeaky shoes business from 2004, at the beginning, we worked with Pip Squeakers(Peggy), and Kid Squeakers(Brady), hereby thank you for taking me into the squeaky shoes business.


In 2011, we started our own factory, specially make squeaky shoes. Because we were so tired of the quality and delivery problem with cooperated factories.


Till now, we have been in squeaky shoes business for 10years! And we work for many companies in US. Thanks for everybody’s support., Jeff and I, will always work hard to serve everybody well.


Sfeny Yu: I worked for shoes after graduated from University in 2000, and start to do squeaky shoes business in 2004. My husband, Mr Jeff joined us in 2006. now we have one daughter(Joy) and one son(Jack), and happy family. I am willing to work with you for long term basis and let’s enjoy work and enjoy life together!

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